X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner

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X-Wave MP3 Cutter-Joiner is designed for easy and convenient lossless editing of audio files. The graphical display and a built-in player allows quick navigation through the file. Cutting MP3 recordings is carried out directly with two clicks on the waveform. With just one click you can cut the audio file into a specified number of parts, or into parts of a given length or size. And to combine multiple files, simply arrange them in the required order. The familiar operations Copy, Paste, Delete and Crop allow you to work with audio as easily as a plain text file. The Normalize function equalizes the volume of files without conversion. The Fade In and Fade Out effects allow gradual increase or decrease in volume. Undo and Redo operations are always possible to return to the previous step or repeat an operation. In contrast to most other audio editors, X-Wave Mp3 Cutter-Joiner does not convert the data into WAV before editing and back to MP3 afterwards. This means that the quality of your MP3 file remains unchanged no matter how many operations you perform. The built-in recorder with pre-record function allows a track to be recorded completely even if recording started from the middle of the track. Start recording at any time with hotkeys from any application or directly from the taskbar. The recording is immediately captured as an MP3 file, which can then be edited in the program. The built-in tag editor allows you to edit or add tags such as: artist, album title, genre, year, etc. Tags can be in either ID3v1 or ID3v2 format.

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