Writing Outliner

Product features

A writing software for writers. The software is a Word add-in that's seamlessly integrated with  Microsoft Word. It turns Microsoft Word into an outliner software, a note taker software and a document manager, in other words, it turns Microsoft Word into an all-in-on writing tool for writers.

Writing Outliner makes writing large documents in Microsoft Word has never been easier, The main idea is to split a large document and write in pieces, when done, merge them into one.

Main features include:


  • Project-based writing;
  • Keep all files (drafts, research files or note files) in a single place;
  • Seamlessly integrated full-featured outliner;
  • Tabbed document editing;
  • Google-like full-text search in all project files;
  • Document management (tagging, attaching icons, adding notes, etc);
  • Document revision control (backup and restore), etc 


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