Supertintin MSN Webcam Recorder

Product features

<li><strong> Record MSN/SKYPE webcam streams along with optional sound recording</strong> <br />Including audio from microphone, line-In, CD etc.                 <br />You can record any webcam streams (e.g. the fun movies broadcasted in webcam by your chat partner as well as the video conversations, etc.) <br /><br /></li>
<li><strong> Real time compress recorded webcam streams </strong> <br />You can use this function to get a smaller file size of your record videos so you need not to worry the pc disk space is not enough when recording for a long time. <br /><br /> </li>
<li><strong> Save recorded webcam streams into AVI format files </strong> <br />You can use any player (e.g. Real, Windows Media Player) you have to play back the recorded videos. And you can share with friends also. <br /><br /><span> </span></li>
<li><strong> Picture-in-Picture and Side-by-Size Video Recording</strong> <br /> You can choose to record Picture-in-Picture, Side-by-Side, Remote only, or Local only.</li>
<li><strong> You can browse other web pages or videos during recording </strong><br />That means you can minimize or hide the MSN/Skype/Yahoo Messenger window while recording.                 <br /><br /></li>
<li><strong> Easy to use </strong> <br /> You just press the record and stop buttons in the software to complete recordings. No need to learn the recording technique when you get start recording. <br /><br /></li>
<li><strong> Other cool features you would prefer</strong> <br />Adjustable FPS and frame size (for you to adjust your output video quality) and user defined save-to directory. </li>

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