Selkie Rescue Data Recovery and Q-Waves AV PLUS FREE Life Poster Maker

Product features

Computer crash? Buy Selkie Rescue Data Recovery for automated, fast data recovery for your PC or laptop. Simple, secure, powerful software for documents, photos, emails, and music – Selkie moves the files in the SAME ORDER so your files stay organized. Selkie Rescue can migrate files quickly and easily from the dead computer over a network. Start the transfer and walk away, let Selkie do the rest. Selkie works when Windows doesn’t, needs no pre-install and no existing back up, and is safe to use in virus attacks.

Selkie Rescue is an award-winning, proven data recovery program. Selkie Rescue by-passes broken Windows systems suffering from virus, spyware, malware, or other problems. Selkie is read-only so you cannot harm your documents, files, photos or emails when you recover them. It is a self-booting CD that runs your computer when Windows can’t; you can access your trapped files instantly. Selkie saves you time and money. Use it to boot your PC or laptop and recover important files through your network or using a crossover cable.

With the Selkie Rescue Center,rescuing or migrating your files is simple. The Rescue Center contains step-by-step setup instructions that will walk you through the whole process of setting up your computers and transferring data. Download the demo to see how Selkie works, and buy the program to recover all your files.

Selkie works on all versions of Windows and systems compatible with Intel.

Q-Waves USB AV Wireless Kit is an amazing product that ties together your home electronics wirelessly. With a simple plug in, you will be able to wirelessly play your PC Games, Skype video calls, or work off your laptop on your TV.

Imagine creating a home cinema, showing your photos or playing your music and internet radio on your home TV and TV sound system.


• Movie playback from PC to TV screen with full sound (via HDMI connection)
• Watch Internet content on your TV
• Watch your digital pictures and camcorder movies from your PC

Be among the first in North America to own one. You can be sure that this is one gift that won’t be duplicated!


A single pack* consists of a pair of Wireless USB adapters – one for the TV or projector and one for the PC, Laptop or Netbook – the solution brings Wireless USB connectivity to a range of AV devices. The Q-waves Wireless AV Kit provides full in-room coverage, making it ideal for a variety of use cases, such as wirelessly displaying internet content (provided over wireless LAN connection for example) on a large-screen TV (over the Wireless USB link).

The ‘in-room’ wireless technology used is called Wireless USB. Certified Wireless USB is the first high-speed wireless personal inter-connect technology combining the speed and security of wired Hi-Speed USB with the ease-of-use-of wireless technology. The Q-waves USB AV Kit is so easy to use. Just plug one USB into your PC or laptop, the other into the base unit that then connects to your TV via HDMI or VGA. Set-up is so simple anyone can do it. You’ll be watching your digital content on your big screen quickly and using extend mode you can stream anything from your laptop to your TV and still work on your emails and Facebook while watching a movie.

This is by far the best way to get your digital photos off of your hard drive and onto your walls! Add your pictures, move them around and print! Don’t have poster printer you say? You can design and order your posters right in the program!

Check out Life Poster Maker today and create a poster for your walls!

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