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Outlook contact extractor is an all new utility unlike any other to extract contact details from multiple MS Outlook profiles. You can extract fields like name, email id, fax number etc. from the address book of multiple profiles.

Outlook is the official portal of communication for most of the formal work that we undertake. However, whenever it comes to the extraction of relevant information from Outlook files & folders, a software that would work as an Outlook address book is sorely missed. This utility automates this task. Using this utility users can extract email addresses/phone numbers/ fax numbers/mobile numbers from multiple files at once.

The extraction thus done can be very specific in nature as the different heads like business number, house phone number, official email id, etc. can be specifically targeted & listed as such.  People having multiple Outlook profiles can assimilate contact details from all of those using this utility. The inbuilt smart sense avoids duplicity of data as well as mistaken logging of random digits as contact details.

This Outlook Contact extractor logs the extracted details in the form of readily usable .CSV or .TXT files which can then be opened using MS Excel. This software is compatible with all popular versions of Windows & is extremely user friendly while being breezingly fast at an affordable price.

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