MO-100 Word Associate Exam – Office 365 & Office 2019 – English version – 25 hours of access

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  • Variety – 398 exercises for MO-100 Word Associate
  • Help – 387 incorporated Video Solutions, a unique one for each Question
  • Unlimited Tests – No limit to the times a question runs, unlike competitive software
  • Classification – Distinct subcategories
  • Feedback – Immediate evaluation of answers
  • Plenitude – It covers 100% the certification syllabus
  • Adequacy – Same environment as the exams’
  • Flexibility – Practice on any Computer
  • Multi-Project Questions
  • Updates – Access to updated version
  • More than 700.000 candidates have trusted TEST4U since 2003




TEST4U Training vs MO-365/2019 Official Exam

Taking an exam can be a stressful experience. We know that, so we took care of all the little details, so as to make you feel like home during that special day.

Starting with the Training environment: We designed an identical environment to mimic the environment of the official exams, so as to ensure your best performance.

CERTIPORT has officially released a screenshot of an MO 2019/365 Exam to demonstrate the exam environment. compare test4u mo exam inteface word 1

TEST4U has reproduced an identical environment to ensure you will be 100% familiar and waste zero time looking around on that special day. Time will be counting on your favor.

compare test4u mo exam inteface word 2

Challenge: Spot the differences!
*Spoiler: TEST4U is more elegant. Apart from that, there aren’t any.


Photo 1: Official MO-365/2019 Exam Environment Screenshot (released by CERTIPORT)

compare test4u mos exam inteface word 3

Photo 2: TEST4U for MO-365/2019 Exam Training Environment Screenshot




How to pass the Word Associate MO-100 Exam?

The new version of TEST4U is fully compatible with the new MO 100 Exam (Office 365 and Office 2019):

  • TEST4U covers 100% the Exam Objectives, so that you will be 100% ready to ace the Word Associate (Office 365 and Office 2019) Exam.
  • The TEST4U training and examination environment incorporates the multiple projects format that Certiport has adopted since the MOS 2016 Exams.


Trust the structured, exam-focused training that the TEST4U experienced instructors have formed.
TEST4U Training is designed to guide you step-by-step during your learning path:

Step 1. Find out your existing level of skills with the Benchmark test.
Step 2. Train on the – 387 live, in application exercises.
Step 3. Take the Final Assessment test to verify your exam readiness.

The new multiple project format, that Certiport has adopted since the MOS 2016 Exams, includes the creation and editing of 2-to-3 page documents, such as professional-looking reports, multi-column newsletters, résumés, and business correspondence.

MO-100 Exams

Certiport mentions that “Microsoft Office Specialist Program certification exams use a performance-based format testing a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities using the Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019 programs:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam task instructions generally do not include the command name. For example, function names are avoided, and are replaced with descriptors. This means candidates must understand the purpose and common usage of the program functionality in order to successfully complete the tasks in each of the projects.
  • The Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam format incorporates multiple projects as in the previous version, while using enhanced tools, functions, and features from the latest programs.”

The purpose of the multiple smaller projects format is to enhance the learning process, by providing stronger assessment tools.

The revised exam instructions are designed in order to:

  • avoid command and function names
  • assure a deeper understanding of the program functionality.



Sucess Stories

Success stories

Success story of Ann Fuller

Ann Fuller

I just passed my MOS Excel Expert exam this week and credit TEST4U in helping me achieve this goal. The questions were better aligned with the MOS style of questions and were at a more senior level – when I mastered your tests, I got it! Excellent – I would thoroughly recommend this course!




What to expect from an Word Associate MO-100 Certified User?

As Certiport has officially announced: “The Microsoft Certified Word Associate Certification demonstrates competency in the correct application of the principle features of Word by creating and editing documents for a variety of purposes and situations.

The exam covers the ability to create and maintain professional looking reports, multi-column newsletters, résumés, and business correspondence.

An individual earning this certification has approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience with the product, has proven competency at an industry associate-level and is ready to enter into the job market. They can demonstrate the correct application of the principle features of Word and can complete tasks independently.”




13 reasons why TEST4U is all you need to pass the MO-100 Word Associate 365/2019 Exam

  1. More than an E-course
    TEST4U is very different from an e-course. TEST4U will let you actively participate in the learning process, instead of just watching a video-lesson.
  2. Exams are performance-based. So is TEST4U
    The exams are performance-based, therefore Candidates are expected to be able to perform under a high pressure environment. Answering multiple choice questions is not helping you consolidate; learning how to perform multi-project tasks which are very similar to the ones you will face in the actual exam, is.
  3. TEST4U is a Tutor, only virtual
    Who doesn’t need instant feedback about how they just answered a question? Immediate evaluation of each of the answers you submit is the core idea behind TEST4U. But it’s not just a “right” or “wrong” message. It’s a dedicated video-solutions with the right steps to take in order to answer properly. This is what a real Tutor would do: Give you tasks to solve (multi-project ones, if he is as good as TEST4U) and guide you step-by-step, to demonstrate you the right way to approach each question.
  4. Covers 100% the Objective Domains by CERTIPORT
    With TEST4U you will cover 100% all the Objective Domains:

    • Manage Documents
    • Insert and Format Text, Paragraphs, and Sections
    • Manage Tables and Lists
    • Create and Manage References
    • Insert and Format Graphic elements
    • Manage Document Collaboration
  5. Includes 398 exercises for MO-100 Word Associate
    Not only are there too many questions to practice on, but they are of the same level of difficulty as compared to what you will face at the exams. Ok, yeah, some of them are slightly trickier, but the point is to learn, right?
    Solving them all will give you an increased sense of self-confidence during the exam and will help you learn how to manage your time better.
  6. Target your training
    Ok, you are familiar with many of the tools in Word. But not with everything. This is why TEST4U has broken down into categories the entire Syllabus, to help you personalize your training and focus in the less-known areas.
  7. Repeat, repeat, repeat
    As many times as you feel that you need to. There are no limits. You may practice on the same question again and again until you are satisfied with your results.
  8. Experience matters, but a brush-up is always a good idea
    Even if you are an experienced user, you will upgrade your knowledge to the latest version of Microsoft Office.
  9. Trust the Experts
    TEST4U is not another e-learning material. TEST4U is different. Our years of classroom training experience and teaching techniques have been incorporated in TEST4U. As a result, TEST4U covers 100% the syllabus of Certiport Certification Body.
  10. Access to the latest updates
    TEST4U provides access to the latest updated version of the TEST4U module you selected, all features included (new questions, updates Just login and the updated version will install automatically.
  11. Access TEST4U from anywhere!
    Do you need to access TEST4U from more than one PCs or locations? We encourage you to do so! TEST4U is the most flexible training platform, that allows you to train according to your account and does not commit you to a specific PC or Workstation.
  12. Take your time to try it!
    Download the TEST4U Demo which contains tests and exercises for practice, to try it out.
  13. TEST4U is more than widespread around the globe
    More than 700.000 Candidates have trusted TEST4U for their exam preparation since 2003. Be the next one.



Your personal progress report right at your email

TEST4U progress infographic

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