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Have loads of PDF files to convert? Simply gather your files and convert the lot in one go. Only need to convert certain pages of your PDF file? Simply specify the pages you require prior to conversion. All you need is this mediAvatar PDF to PowerPoint Converter, a smart PDF to PPT converting tool.

Extremely easy to use, mediAvatar PDF to PowerPoint Converter allows you to convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) with minimum hassle. Simply drag and drop all your PDF files to this PDF to PPT converter, and then hit "Convert". Neither Adobe Acrobat nor Reader is needed when converting PDF to PPT and the output PPTs will have all original PDF features preserved.


  • Convert PDF to PPT in two steps: load PDF, then click "Convert"!
  • Convert multiple PDFs to PowerPoint files simultaneously
  • Convert certains pages in PDF to PPT
  • No Adobe Acrobat or Reader needed
  • Fast and easy to handle
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