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Product features

cleverKM – relax your brain! Personal Knowledge Management.

Gather all Info on one place! Save License keys, notes, blog entries, user guides, documents, contracts, EULAs, passwords, webpages, recipes, x-rays, travel hints, protocols, personal health information and much more, just everything important. If needed also encrypted and 100% secure!

cleverKM saves your time, and your money! Start using cleverKM now!

Bring the light into darkness! With a few clicks, you transfer any kind of information like articles or blog entries in your personal knowledgebase. Find all information, even after years in a few seconds. cleverKM is relaxing your brain!

Do you have a profession or hobby where information is important? In the cleverKM Database you can store sample code, tutorials or whatever information is important for. Buy cleverKM – NOW.

Perfect health care – your and your family’s health is important!

Just use cleverKM and all health care information, such as doctor’s letters, X-Rays, surgery reports and so on is stored securely on the place of your choice. cleverKM crypts your data with advanced technologies. And cleverKM has enough space for your whole family and all friends. Stay healthy with cleverKM!

Keep your License Keys secure

Are you happy about your new and super-fast Computer or Notebook? Do you have all your license keys handy to install all needed software? With cleverKM this is no problem!

Save important Contracts and Documents securely

You have a good insurance? You pay every month the rates? And now you need your insurance! With cleverKM you find the contract and all the small written things in it within seconds. Save your time, nerves and money.

What else can be done with cleverKM?

Here are some hints: cooking recipes, code of practices, meeting protocols, information about books, good places to travel, travel hints, ideas, good restaurants


you know more? cleverKM will store it for you.

You should definitely use cleverKM- right NOW!


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