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Julio CMMS for Joomla is a Joomla Extension that turns your Joomla! Installation into a full blown Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) . With Julio CMMS, you can Manage the Maintenance jobs of your Assets, track Work Orders, Generate Work Orders from Scheduled Maintenace Routines, do Preventive Maintence, track Spare Parts in Locations,  manage Business Relations and lots more. 

It is tightly integrated into Joomla Content management system. So you have the Double Advantage .  Joomla is an award winning Content Management System with  a tried and trusted codebase and over 102 million downloads. Julio CMMS is written to strict Joomla Standards. The marriage of these 2 is a product worth more than the sum of their individual parts. For example your maintenance items are sitting right inside your company's intranet. Articles on the intranet could be linked to a particular Work Order to assist a technician while creating the Work Order. Work Order items (details, lists, forms), and other items could be published directly on the company intranet, for presentation, education, or otherwise and made accessible to either all or a select group. And because of the open nature of Joomla, we know we cannot imagine all possibilities achievable with this integration. It's awesome!

Here with you is the Most Comprehensive solution. It gets to you at an unbelievable cost. And You also get what no other solution gives you : the source codes! You have full Control. You can strip it down to only what you want to use, or use it as a starting point for your company's big custom application. It is written in PHP the most popular language on the internet. You can host it on your local machine or host it online. It comes with a front-end template. You can make it look like whatever you want using your own template or any of  the thousands of Joomla templates available online.

If you already built your website with Joomla, then installation is a breeze – takes less than 3 minutes. If not, many webhosting companies have a single button click installation of Joomla. You can drop Joomla on a sub-folder and run. We are available to support you. Even if you already had a maintenance management software, it would be wise to still get this cheap but priceless, more powerful, easy to use option where you have a say; as backup. Importing data is also very easy .  This is  what a father would like to hand over to his son. You will not believe what you will see.

Enterprise License Promotion Price is running right now. Only  $389. Best Choice! Grab it!

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