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Having complete control over your budgeting is extremely important unless you have money to burn. Whether you are an individual or running a small company, bookkeeping software can be extremely beneficial in helping you to have full control over your budget and monitor exactly how much you are spending and how much you are earning. The ultimate solution is Home Bookkeeping; a feature-packed application aimed for home users, owners of small companies or anyone who is self employed. This solution will help you to become a more careful, responsible spender, helping to protect you from descending into debt and helping to optimize your income.

Many people attempt to keep some form of records of their spending, but most of the traditional methods are simply not enough. Trying to track your expenses and income just using details written in longhand on pieces of paper is hardly as efficient and electronic spreadsheets often quickly become tiresome to use. If you want to get the very best out of bookkeeping, dedicated software will make the task more enjoyable and more efficient, whereas with other methods, many people end up giving up after a few days. Home Bookkeeping, by contrast is your complete, one-stop solution for eliminating debt, optimizing your budget and reporting your expenditures.

Home Bookkeeping is basically your personal financial secretary and advisor. Though a sophisticated and complex piece of software, Home Bookkeeping is designed to be user-friendly and a pleasure to use. The latest edition comes with a great deal of innovative new features as well as a number of improvements and optimizations. The software is more efficient and faster to use than ever before and within a very short time, you can stop wasting your hard earned cash and start saving. The advanced bookkeeping software also includes full diagrams to illustrate your profits and expenditures . Spending planners can also be used to help you start saving quickly.

Home Bookkeeping is designed to work on any standard Windows-based PC. The latest version also includes complete support for Windows 10 as well. The software can also be installed on any Windows Mobile device such as a Windows Mobile PAD or Smartphone. Additionally, the latest version of Home Bookkeeping is also available with a portable license. With this, you can copy the program onto a USB flash drive, flash card or any other portable media and then run it on any other computer. This means that you can run the software and use it without having to install it, so long as you use it on a compatible system.

The solution includes many features in addition to the basic expense and income record keeping features. It can also be used to monitor debt repayments and there is a debt reminder feature included. You can also work with as many as five different currencies and a currency exchange feature is also included. Data can be imported from Excel files as well as QIF format files. Additionally, there is support for multiple users and various backup and database compression features as well as a number of user interface customization options.

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