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eXtra Voice Recorder is a combination of a powerful high-quality audio recorder and an easy-to-use audio files manager. This handy tool is always with you, so all you need to start recording is to hit a hotkey. You can add a detailed description to each recording and mark the most important parts with comments. A built-in search tool will help you quickly find the necessary recording or its fragment, while the Split function will facilitate splitting recordings in your collection.

– Organize your recordings
Integrated flexible categorization and search tools will help you find the necessary recordings in no time.

– Supply your recordings with comments
For convenience, you can add a comment to each recording.

– Edit your recordings
The Split function allows you to quickly split a recording into several fragments.

– Recording without pauses
The sound detector turns the recording on when it detects sounds and turns it off during periods of silence.

– Always at hand and ready to work
Support of a menu bar icon and hotkeys enables you to start the recording right when you need it.

– Mark the most important parts of your recordings
Mark the most important parts of your recordings with tags and comments. They can be added during recording and afterwards. This will allow you to quickly find the necessary fragment in the future.

– Continue previously created recordings
eXtra Voice Recorder allows you to continue previously created recordings at any time.

– Search recordings
The built-in search function will help you find a recording or a fragment by name, description or tag.

– Import existing recordings
Just drag recordings made in other applications into the program window to add them to eXtra Voice Recorder.

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